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The mandate of Tapply Binet College is formulated on the premise that education is a service and should be provided with the recognition of, and individual sensitivity to, diverse learning styles, coupled with sustained reference to external standards and accountability to students, parents, and guardians. The recognition of each student’s individuality is given utmost primacy. Tapply Binet College employs a visionary perspective which serves to ensure that each student acknowledges and realizes his or her potential. We believe that student empowerment and responsibility encourage ownership of one’s success and understanding of oneself as an active and valuable citizen of the school and larger community.

About Us

As a private school, Tapply Binet College is registered with, and regularly inspected by the Ontario Ministry of Education. The TBC staff offers a collaborative teaching approach to the Ontario Ministry of Education curriculum expectations. Fun, innovative teachers help create a comfortable atmosphere for student engagement in the learning process. Teachers at TBC are fully qualified specialists in their subject discipline and have been successfully evaluated by the Ontario Ministry of Education inspector for Private Schools. 

Tapply Binet College was established in Ancaster in 2003. Since its inception, the school has experienced and welcomed ongoing change. Originally, TBC promised class sizes at half the Ministry cap. Ten years later, that number has proven to be too large to ensure that we meet our mission statement, which is our commitment to excellence in education through the provision of personalized quality service and care. We promise no more than 6 students per class! At Tapply Binet we believe that small class sizes empower the students and provide them with ownership of their academic achievements. It also allows the teachers to become intensively involved in each student’s learning process. Today, in our permanent location, we have established roots in the Fred Marshal historical century home on Garner Road West in Ancaster.

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