From Parents and Guardians

My daughter was having a difficult time with the traditional high school environment. This deteriorated to the point of just not being able to do it anymore. We received a recommendation from a medical professional to try Tapply Binet. Since then my daughter has flourished and now is deciding which university to attend. The turnaround has been unbelievable and I thank Tapply Binet for all of their help.

Dr. Aras Kvedaras DC

Tapply Binet College is an amazing school that understands how to motivate and instill a love of learning in a young person. My wife and I are grateful for the time that our son spent at Tapply. This school was instrumental in helping him to focus his life in such a positive direction. Tapply Binet College was worth every penny! I highly recommend Tapply Binet to parents and youth who want to discover a love of learning and be successful in their academic pursuits.

Paul A. Ricketts, M.A.

From Students

When I used to attednd schools with larger class sizes I always had trouble understanding what was being taught. The teachers at TBC are good at explaining difficult and confusing concepts to me. At TBC I can talk to my teachers about the most efficient strategies for completing my assignments.

Marcus R, Gr. 11 Student

The extensive interaction that I have with my teachers every day sends me the message that my learning and future academic success are genuine priorities for them. Being able to have in depth discussions with my teachers about course materials keeps me from becoming too overwhelmed with classes. I feel like this year at TBC has helped me with everything school-related. Where my learning is concerned, my time here at TBC has been my most successful ever.

Chelsea F, Gr. 12 Student