Our Teaching Philosophy

The mandate of Tapply Binet College is formulated on the premise that education is a service and should be provided with the recognition of, and individual sensitivity to, diverse learning styles, coupled with sustained reference to external standards and accountability to students, parents, and guardians. The recognition of each student's individuality is given utmost primacy. Tapply Binet College employs a visionary perspective which serves to ensure tha teach student acknowledges and realizes his or her potential. We believe that student empowerment and responsibility encourage ownership of one's success and understanding of oneself as an acitve and valuable citizen of the school and larger community.

Tapply Binet College is a viable alternative to other school systems. We are a small, caring, inclusive, non-demoninational school. Our teachers are committed to maximum learning with every student. We are balanced socio-economically and collaborative in our approach to education. At TBC, we foster equity in all respects. There are no entrance exams because we believe that early assessment would exclude students from our unique team approach to providing programs suited to each student's individual needs.