Principal's Message

Thank you for considering Tapply Binet College. For the past 27 years, I have taught Math and Social Science courses at the secondary level. As a guidance counselor specialist, I have enjoyed 20 years of assisting young people in their post-secondary planning and career path decisions. In 1997, Tapply Binet College was founded to further enrich my ability and passion to empower students to become responsible for their academic successes and post-secondary destinations and, in doing so, help ensure that their future endeavors are attained. What facilitates the fulfillment of my goals are the individualized programming and self-empowerment that students receive at our school.

I firmly believe that secondary school educators have a responsibility to engage this generation in the learning process and provide them the tools to seek innovative solutions that empower them to tackle the challenges of their time. Educators must encourage and embrace the students’ independent will to discover, learn and ultimately succeed in achieving their goals.

There has never before been a generation so socially networked. In response to this current social and technological development, educators must work with this phenomenon, not against it. Our classroom management must reflect the mobility, social nature of our audience, our clients. We must become attentive listeners in addition to our traditional pedagogical role. We are in the service industry; it is our responsibility to make education relevant and engaging for the future of our young people. We must be flexible in our delivery and use a variety of teaching methods to prepare them for a competitive, global and tech-savvy world.

I warmly welcome you to contact us with any questions you may have regarding Tapply Binet College.

Sue Davidson, B.A., B.Ed.
Guidance Specialist and Principal
Tapply Binet College